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Nnaedozie Thomas Foundation (NTF) visits divine Mercy community less privilege home

In their unwavering commitment to reach out to the needy and less privileged, the Nnaedozie Thomas Foundation (NTF) embarked on an august visit to the Divine Mercy Community Less Privilege Home in Egbema Ozubulu, Anambra State, on Sunday, April 10th, 2022. The foundation’s members and volunteers from the Southeast region came together to make a profound impact on the lives of the children residing in the home.

Upon their arrival, the NTF’s presence resonated with the children, who eagerly received the foundation’s representatives and their heartfelt gifts. The joy and gratitude emanating from the children were palpable as they prayed and expressed their deep appreciation for the foundation’s generosity and demonstration of love. The visit was not merely a transactional exchange of material items but a meaningful interaction that touched the hearts of both the NTF members and the children.

The Divine Mercy Community Less Privilege Home provides shelter and care for children who are orphans and come from indigent backgrounds. These children, due to their family’s financial constraints, face significant challenges in receiving proper care and education. The sisters of the Divine Mercy Community selflessly accommodate these children, ensuring they have access to quality education and holistic development. Their compassionate efforts align with the foundation’s own mission to make the world a better place through acts of love and kindness.

For the NTF, this project marks their first initiative in Anambra State, signifying their expanding reach and dedication to impacting lives across different regions. The foundation’s primary goal is to uplift individuals and communities in need, regardless of geographical boundaries. The distance between regions does not hinder the NTF’s mission to spread love, as they tirelessly move from one place to another, leaving a lasting impact wherever they go.

This visit to the Divine Mercy Community Less Privilege Home exemplifies the foundation’s ethos of making a positive difference in the lives of the less fortunate. By offering support and resources to these children, the NTF aims to provide them with a sense of hope, dignity, and an opportunity to pursue a better future. The foundation believes that every child deserves a chance to thrive and grow, regardless of their circumstances, and their efforts reflect this conviction.

The NTF’s visit was not just an isolated event but a continuation of their ongoing commitment to changing lives and creating a ripple effect of compassion and generosity. Their dedication to reaching out to the less privileged serves as an inspiration to others, encouraging individuals and organizations to play an active role in making a difference in society.

In conclusion, the Nnaedozie Thomas Foundation’s visit to the Divine Mercy Community Less Privilege Home in Egbema Ozubulu, Anambra State, showcases their unwavering dedication to uplifting the lives of the less privileged. Through their presence, gifts, and heartfelt interactions, the foundation brought joy, hope, and a sense of love to the children residing in the home. This visit serves as a stepping stone for future initiatives in Anambra State and reflects the foundation’s commitment to making the world a better place through acts of compassion and kindness. The NTF’s ongoing efforts transcend geographical boundaries as they continue their mission to touch lives and spread love wherever the need may be.


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