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Embracing the Christmas Season with Heartwarming Celebrations for Widows

The timeless wisdom that giving is not merely a precursor to receiving, but indeed the very essence of it, resonates profoundly. Christmas, a season marked by love, compassion, and togetherness, serves as a poignant reminder of this truth. As the world prepares to embrace the festive spirit, Nnaedozie Thomas Foundation (NTF) stands committed to epitomizing […]

Embracing Hearts: A Visit to the Orphanage Home

In a heartfelt endeavor to extend our unwavering support and genuine affection, Nnaedozie Thomas Foundation (NTF) is preparing to embark on a visit to an orphanage. This noble initiative aims to create a tapestry of care, weaving threads of love and compassion into the lives of those who deserve it most. Through this visit, NTF […]

Breast Cancer Awareness program

Lagos Lagos, Nigeria

Breast cancer, a significant health concern affecting countless lives, calls for heightened awareness, education, and support. To address this critical issue, an upcoming Breast Cancer Awareness Workshop is set to illuminate the importance of early detection, prevention, and holistic well-being. This workshop, organized with the collaboration of medical experts, survivors, and community advocates, aims to […]

Empowerment Center Inauguration: A New Era of Possibilities

JOS, Nigeria JOS, plateau state, Nigeria

The anticipation is palpable as the countdown begins for the forthcoming inauguration of an Empowerment Center that promises to be a beacon of transformation and opportunity. The air is thick with excitement as the community awaits the grand opening of a space that is set to redefine the landscape of empowerment and personal growth. This […]